Saturday, March 10, 2007

Three Little Words Game

Just Three Words
One of Geek’s favorite reads, JLee at Neurotic Me, challenged everyone to try this one; you must answer with just three words. Let’s see if I can limit my tendency toward being verbose.

1. Where is your cell phone? in my purse

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? BL =,husband

3. Hair? dyed brown with blond highlights

4. Your mother? lives in California

5. Your father? died of cancer

6. Your favorite item? books of scripture

7. Your dream last night? can’t remember now

8. Your favorite drink? Caffeine Free Vanilla Dr. Pepper ( I know it's more than 3)

9. Your dream guy/girl? one I married

10. The room you are in? Computer room upstairs

11. Your fear? loss of control

12. What do you want to be in 10 years? happily retired somewhere

13. Whom did you hang out with last night? Friend, Hubs Missionaries

14. What are you not? sleepy, patient, thin

15. Are you in love? every single day

16. One of your wish list items? new couches, chair

17. What time is it? sometime after midnight

18. The last thing you did? climbed the stairs

19. What are you wearing? comfy, cool jammies

20. Your favorite book? HOw can I choose?

21. The last thing you ate? unsalted cheese tots

22. Your life? pretty darn good

23. Your mood? kind of lazy

24. Your friends? are very eclectic

25. What are you thinking about right now? only three words

26. Your car? Grey Buick SUV

27. What are you doing at this moment? typing some answers

28. Your summer? hot and humid

29. Your relationship status? I’m happily married

30. What is on your TV screen? just cleaned it

31. When is the last time you laughed? early this afternoon

32. Last time you cried? I don't remember

33. School? Spring Break, yay! ( Amen I cannot say it any better)

That was kinda’ fun; maybe I should start talking that way everyday. I’m only kidding myself… I couldn't’t do it; I like to talk entirely too much. Still, y’all should give this one a try.

The Joys of Insomnia

Okay it's ween almost two months since I last posted and I feel badly that I haven't written more, but I didn't want to complain about the same old, same old.

Yes I am still overworked. Yes I am still underpaid, Yes I am still under appreciated, but a few nice things have happened.

In my class with the Mouth of the South, one of my female slacker types, has for some reason decided that what I have to say may have some value, so she has taken it upon herself to get the class quiet. She does not take crap for an answer! I just smile and give her two thumbs up.

Mouth of the South is somewhat quieter, meaning she settles in, and I have turned her seat so that she is not facing the rest of the class. That has worked fairly well for the last couple of weeks. She is sitting next to a student she does not like. ( I admit it was fun to put her there! Sweet revenge)

We recently had an academics meet and the students I coached in one of the forms of dramatic readings, did well. Of the 6 2 recieved Superior, the highest rating, 3 received Excellent 2nd highest rating and the last one recieved a good. She stepped up at the last minute and agreed to read. With only a couple of days of practice, she did well.

We are putting in new carpeting this week. Mostly because I am on Spring Break (plus we got a great deal!) and can be here at the house. So if you have ever had carpet laid and have a ton of books, you know that we have been packing boxes like crazy! Add to this the satellite decides to go out after we have unhooked eveything, moved it 8 feet and rehooked everything up. They are sending a repairperson on Monday which is good, I'll be at home packing up boxes and shifting things around!

Tweo of my kiddos have lost grandparents in the last couple of weeks, so I've had kids sobbing on my shoulder literally. A couple more have gone into meltdown mode and sent to the councellor.

Backpack Boy has decided that this is an issue woth doing battle over. By that I mean, I do not allow backpacks into the room for several reasons:
1. weapons could be hidden in there ( I'm really not paranoid,, but it thefirst thing everyone in my building says)
2, stuffs gets stolen from backpacks and purses. I don't allow purses either.
3 THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM! I get tired of tripping over the darn things.

Backpack Boy has been in my class for more than a year ( He is a repeat "offender" ) and is well acquainted with the rule. So whenever I remind him of the rule, he gets explosive and with a look that could melt glass, he leaves the room. He is one of 4 in my class who are "emotionally disadvanted" or what ever the current phrase is. As he leaves I get on the walkie talkes and let them know in which direction he is headed.

My good kids I don't write about nearly enough. Currently the kids are all reading the Gordon Korman series, The Falconers, and The Kidnapping. So eveyday kids come to ask for those books. A lot of my good kids aren't the most competatively academically, but are just sweet people. There are several boys who hug me on a daily basis. Some of them have even commented on my hair, I started curling it, nothing else. This week a student shared the last birthday cupcake from another kid's birthday. I had a student BEG to read a book, Satch and Me, and whe he finished it loaned it out to someone else! I haven't read it yet, but that's okay I have a stack to read.

More good stuff, a few parents have approached me about having their child placed in my classroom. I just tell them to talk to the counsellor. Even nicer, was some kids who are not old evough to have been at my school but are asking can they be in my class. It is great for the ego!

I am one of very few who kknow what they will be teaching, and most likely I will be teaching social studies and world geography. I can either take a test or 4 credit hours of history to meet our districts qualifications. It seems stupid to me, as I have a minor in history. But go figure??

See what insomnia can do for you? You suddenly find the time to update the blog!
I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break, if not now then in the very near future! I also Internet shop when I can't sleep, or read. I hope y'all are doing well