Thursday, August 10, 2006

Getting Back in the Saddle

Once again as an educator I am trapped in the whirlwind of back to school inservices. As an educator I wonder why administrators place us in poor settings for learning to occur. I've been through two all day inservices,this week, where I was cramped, and uncomfortable.

I don't do any better than the kids at sitting quietly for long periods of time. I fidgeted, tried to take notes and pay attention, but to no avail. I got up between the sanctioned "breaks" to move, and ease my cramped tired body.

It is not that the workshops weren't good, or helpful, in an abstract way. Some stuff I can use, some is not applicable. I brought a book, my palm pilot, loaded with games, and a bag of candy. Well I bought the candy during our lunch break, and it came in handy for the rest of that workshop and again today.

I am annoyed that there is no time to start practicing and applying those things that might really be helpful. I am annoyed that I feel rushed through these workshops at a faster pace than I am comfortable with. There is NO chance or opportunity to ask questions. This is the time of year I feel just like another animal in the herd.

I feel that way because no one at my district has ever (to my knowledge) asked us, the teachers in the trenches, what we feel we really need. It's all about the numbers and the testing and the breaking down in to specific groups. Is it any wonder, that at least in my mind, the educational system looks like a Picasso?

I love what I do. I know that teaching is an art. I am crafting individuals. Yes that stretches me pretty thin with a pupil load of 140 per day. I won't even go into what happens when I have at risk, or special ed kids in class. Yes, I have a bunch!

I teach reading. My goal is to make reading more palatable for those who dislike it. For those who like it, to begin to love it. For those who love to read, help them to find new authors and to stretch themselves.

Okay I realize I've really rambled, but then again I am just getting back in the saddle of the school year.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I go back to work at the end of this week. I did not have the summer I had planned. Somethings were great and others less than happy. Tonight I just felt a need to write.

I read a lot of books, and I love doing that. I enjoyed watching DVD's, something I rarely do during the school year. I've picked up two new shows to watch. I'm watching a BBC show called Life on Mars. It's quite interesting. I've finally discovered the show Without a Trace and have thoroughly enjoyed that.

I've spent quality time with friends. The road trip that I posted about earlier with Margarita Prairie Rose, was one I shall never forget! I spent a week with my sister in the BIG city. I was sent to a fabulous workshop called Capturing Kids Hearts, and got to stay in a nice hotel.

I've listened to my son and his soon to be ex-wife as they have gone through separating and moving out. Kids, who knew that being the parent of adult children would be such a challenge??

I've found out I am going to be the grandmother of a GIRL!! A rarity in the family and that she will have the same middle name as my mother and I! Yes I have been buying pink clothes and having fun!

I have watched and helped a friend as his wife has dealt with some mind altering side effects to a prescription drug. Not pretty, not pretty at all, and I learned that if you spend enough time listening to someone else's irrational fears of conspiracy, you may start to think that way yourself!

I've discovered the joys of massage and have begun my own addiction to getting massages! I've found a new haircut, and tomorrow will get my "greys" covered up.

Sadly, I did not get to the beach once this summer, nor did I go home to visit friends and my mother. I also did not begin that diet and exercise program,and did not get all the closets cleaned out, but I did go through and get rid of a lot of stuff.

I'd say it's been a pretty full summer. What did you do for your summer vacation??