Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Restart Again

I have left the classroom. It was not as hard a decision as I thought it would be. It simply wasn't a good fit. The problem was I made my decision in October and then had to finish the year. It was the longest school year of my career. The reality is I was burnt out and teaching was no longer the joy of my life.

I had some health issues, and got shingles on Christmas Day! That was the worst. So get the shingles shot it is worth it to not have shingles.

So now I get up when I want to, and I get to read and travel and I lost 20 pounds! I'm no longer stress eating! I now have a total of 7 grandchildren, 4 boys 3 girls, in three different states.

I still miss the TV show LOST. I'm a "Gleek" now. I'm reading George R. R. Martin's Songs of Fire and Ice aka Game of Thrones. It is like Harry Potter but for adults. I'm on Facebook. I feel calmer.

Sadly this summer we had to have Sasha the Wonder Dog put down. We'd had him over 13 years and that was a hard thing to do, but it was the right thing. He had cataracts, was losing his hearing, had a hard time getting up and down. I miss him.

Hubs and I are going on my dream vacation in December to the Southern Hemisphere and after we get back we will decide about getting another dog. Hubs has decided to learn Spanish, so we watch telenovelas with English subtitles. It's working.

There really is life outside the classroom! I no longer drive to work before the sun comes up. I no longer set an alarm, or write lesson plans, or worry about the scope and sequence, or testing. I go out to lunch and enjoy what I eat, heck I even get to actually taste it!