Monday, May 07, 2007

A Mix of Good & Bad

Let's see there was jury duty and I was not selected, I have VERY STRONG opinions about people who drink and drive. I would not have been a good juror, so I'm glad I wasn't selected.

Tuesday I drove to the town with a mall, and got in a fender bender. Everyone was okay, I just felt stupid, and I got the ticket, I was in the wrong. My husband was out of town, so it was disconcerting. Today I took the car to the shop to have it repaired. It'll take over a week!

Wednesday, the car would not start, so I got a ride to work and back. I asked the neighbor if he would jump the car for me. 1 1/2 hours later with 3 grown men and a couple of friends it started! I drove it around to recharge the battery, dropped off the friend who decided to keep me company, and became ill on the way home. I decided to take a sick day on . . .

Thursday, I get a call to have the car appraised, it is only blocks from where I live, so I do that, no problem starting the car. I start the car to go back home and the battery light is red! I call onstar who advises me to get to the nearest dealer, which I do, they check the battery it is a bad battery. (BAD BATTERY, BAD BATTERY) Luckily for me I have the receipt, the battery is only 4 months old! They check everything out and I am on my way!

Thursday cont. . . Hubby and I decided to pay the extra $ to fly out of the smaller, but much closer airport. We arrive and our flight is delayed until after our connecting flight takes off, so be drive like crazy to the BIG CITY, pay to park the car and dash into the airport to find our connecting flight had been delayed almost 3 hours! (When it rains, it pours) Eventually the plane comes in, and we fly off to land in the middle of the night at our son's town.

Friday was graduation day, our d-in-l graduated with honors, had earned two bachelor's degrees! We are so proud of her! We went out to dinner and as we approached the restaurant, Son gets in a fender bender! OY! We went shopping for a combined graduation/birthday/Mother's Day present. So we bought a computer for the kids and spent the evening getting everything hooked up.

Saturday, a phone call telling us that Hubby's mum has taken a turn for the worse. So I make a bunch of hurried travel arrangements so Hubby can fly out the next day. We had some girl time and guy time, and had fetal photographs taken of the baby, a boy, due in early September. Fascinating. I also checked online and found I had passed a certification test so that I can teach an additional subject!

Sunday was spent flying, me home, Hubby up to his sister's to see his mum. I arrived home exhausted!

Monday, back to school, state scores were returned, I was pleasantly surprised! My kids did well. Hubby called and his mum is doing better, car is in the shop (I already said that). Went out to dinner and now I am home and resuming my life. OH! I have a dentist appointment and Friday I go to court to beg for defensive driving.

Like I said it's a mix of good and bad. I'm counting the days down until school is out! Aren't you?