Thursday, October 12, 2006

Super Teacher

Today I felt like Super Teacher! This is what I did. I spent the morning doing number crunching for a report about how well my classes did on a practice achievement test. I do mean all morning! Then I wrote lesson plans for a sub as I will be attending a workshop tomorrow, actually it's a weekend workshop and I'll be driving 6 hours to get there, and we start after dinner!!

The Alternative Placement Center (for long term placements) emailed me and they allowed my student to take the work home (They are NOT supposed to do that!) so I redid 4 weeks worth of assignments, for said student. I have two students who will be in our on campus APC tomorrow, so I had to prepare assignments for those two.

I also submitted grades for progress reports and placed a book order.

The students? You are wondering what the students did, while I did all that? They did a "cold reading". They had two stories to read and answer questions, but they could not ask for assistance! Just like achievement testing! OY!

After I got home my principal called to tell me I had neglected to write how I intend to address the scholastic short comings of some of my students. We bantered a bit and I spouted off a few ideas I had. And as I was doing that I could clearly see a scene from Norma Rae.

It's that scene where her husband is complaining that nothing is getting done at home. So she throws something in a pot and says, "You want cooking? You got cooking!" Then she throws some clothes in the sink, turns on the water and says "You want washing? You got washing!" Then she runs to the ironing board turns on the iron and begins to iron, and says "You want ironing? You got ironing! Now if you hitch up my nightie, we can make love too!"

I swear I think I met myself coming as I was leaving the building!

I want to teach, not dissect reports about who is what minority, or economic level. I want to teach to get their brains engaged and there is so much paper work to do, I frequently think I'm not a teacher. All this number crunching makes me really grumpy!

Plus the very threatening student, who was sent for 20+ days to APC, returned after successfully serving only 5 days! That Child, aka TC, was disrupting their program. TC REFUSED to enter the assigned class! Seriously pitched a fit and refused to enter the room. TC spent the day sitting in the office waiting for the principal to return. When Principal returned, TC continued to sit. TC will soon be returning to my classroom! I am so thrilled (NOT)

I am feeling so overwhelmed it is not funny! I'm going to start singing "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen. Nobody knows my sorrows."

That's how my day went, how was yours??

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

School Shooting

I am really bothered by this most recent school shooting. Maybe because 3 in one week is too much to bear. Maybe because this one was so random. Whatever the reason, I am feeling the same type of emotions I felt after Columbine.

I had not owned a cell phone until Columbine. Two days after Columbine I had a cell phone and a plan for my students. Strangely one class asked what we would do in similar circumstances. I told them and they said they felt better knowing something was planned.

My classroom setup at this school, is entirely different, and I don't know what I would do. I know what the district plan is, and what the plan is if someone came on campus. But I don't have a plan for my room. That bothers me.

I am bothered to think that a plan is needed. I am bothered that a peaceful and law abiding people, the Amish, were the victims of such an attack.

If I though a good cry would help, I'd cry.

I became a teacher with hopes of being able to help shape the future. I am now a teacher who hopes a survival plan will not be needed. I've heard that if one is prepared, one should not fear. I don't know how to prepare for this. I DON'T WANT TO PREPARE FOR ANYTHING LIKE THIS. I know I need to be prepared.

So my fellow educators, how do you feel? Maybe if we talk to each other, some of our fears will be dispelled. This blog is my safe place to be open about these fears. I hope that you reading this will feel a safe haven to share your thoughts.

As an after thought I'll post the URL to my classroom blog. Just in case you want to read what the kids are thinking.