Saturday, February 09, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

Let's see, it has been months since my last posting. So let me catch you up. No, that will take too long, so I will just restart.

I am no longer teaching. We have relocated. Hubs has a new job, and I am taking at least a semester off! Maybe forever off!

But here is a brief recap of the last few months and I am sure you will understand my lack of posting.

School ended, we flew out for Mom-in-law's birthday party she turned 90! Sadly 2 weeks later she passed away, while I was on my retreat with my gal pals. She was cremated so the memorial service was later.

I left from gal pal retreat and drove cross country to see son #3 and take him the cradle his grandpa made, all 3 of my boys slept in.

Drove back cross country and visited many historical sights. Fort Bridger, Keirney Arch, Winter Quarters, Iowa, Cabelas and more Cabelas!

Flew out to attend the memorial for Mom-in-law.

Drove out to Charleston to visit son #2, met up with my Internet buds in Savannah.

Flew my mom out and visited with son #1, took Mom to visit her cousin, and to Vicksburg. Mom left early because of a possible hurricane.

Son #2 moved back for a short time, (just long enough to go through a hurricane & not the one that Mom fled from)

School started, flew out for high school reunion, and grandson #3 was born (he's the 4th grandkid, but the 3rd boy). Son #2 moved out, son #1 takes a new job.

Finish first marking period, fly out to help with new grandson, Hubs accepts a new position with a new company.

Son #1 and family move closer and have Thanksgiving with us, house hunting, resigning from school, get the flu.

Find a house, buy a house,son #3 moves to a new place and he got a new job, Christmas, Mom's cousin passed away, New Years, pack up the classroom, movers pack up the house, movers unload at new house, more flu, find a doc, and a chiropractor, unpack, get a library card. Yes I have a lovely library in my new town, read, unpack, read, unpack.

Sit down and write this. Or should I say rewrite this, because I can't seem to make the other one publish.

Good Night all!

What the heck?

I just wrote a long post, it got saved,as a draft, I wanted to edit and now I can't figure out how to make it post! The help stuff was not useful either, the links did not wwork, so I feel very frustrated!