Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm back

After a year of enjoying the good life, not working, God in His infinfite wisdom dropped a job in my lap. I said I would not go back unless God dropped a job in my lap and He did. (Why doesn't HE make me a smaller size?)

So I am teaching 6th grade Science and Social Studies at new to me school. I know strange combination. I'm one of those teachers who has extremely broad certification!

The faculty has been great and I've been warmly welcomed. OH! I forgot to tell you that I started at the semester, as in mid-year, as in angry children who did not want to move from their overcrowded classes to the room of the unknown teacher. For the most part the kids and I have settled in and it is okay.

I did say for the most part. A few days ago, the teacher next door took away one of those paper game things that kids do from a student we share. She showed it to me and I briefly looked at it, and should have been alarmed, as it had Hit, Stab, Kill and a list of names. It just didn't register with me. So the thing was thrown away and I didn't think much about it. Later on the kid is in my class and is playing with a new version of that one. I just told the kid to put it away and get busy with the assignment. (I know I should have looked more closely)

Well another teacher found the thing and let the Assistant Principal know and the kid is now in an off campus placement. I found out my name was on the list more than the AP's! Now that I've had some time to think about it, I'm bothered. The kid will return to my class after the off campus placement time is up, becasue as I was told nothing actually happened. Or I can file a grievance to have the kid placed elsewhere. The Kid would really like to be back with the former teacher, and I would hate to think a hit list was a reward to return to a class.

I'm not afraid Kid. But I am unsettled. Has anybody else out there been on a "hit list"? I would love some experienced advice!

Other than that I'm enjoying being back and had forgotten how much I have missed teaching. It's never dull and never boring and never the same way twice!

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