Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Another Frantic Friday

Still teaching at "new" school, but this year just social studies. By that I mean state history and world history/geography. Since I was not raised in the state where I currently live I am learning the history as I teach it.

This year as one of the "new" teachers, I received a rather large percentage of the students with extra paper (504 or SpEd). In one class 50% of the students are tested orally. Currently several of my "problematic" students are not attending my class for various reasons. One is now in the behavioral program, 2 are at long term off campus suspension, 1 has been suspended and when he returns will be at the on campus placement for suspension.

It seems that when one kid with too much attitude and control issues leaves, there is always another one to take their place. Case in point; Wannabe Super Star decided that yesterday was the day to push the envelope. Prior to class WSS was running around chasing younger students, and showed up for class late. About 10 minutes after WSS shows up an announcement is made regarding the use of the restroom. I choose to not allow this. WSS had a tantrum, and eventually stormed out of class, without permission. I make a note about this in the discipline file, and WSS goes ballistic. I kept my cool, mostly. The rest of the class is so tired of WSS, as am I.

Another incident Chatter Box Boy returns to my room after class has been dismissed and breaks into tears. It seems the Dress Code Kid, has punched him in the jaw,and DCK's buddy Island Boy, has played a part in this mess. At my school the counselors and Assistant Principals have the divided the school into two parts, A-M & N-Z. Which means DCK has one AP while CBB has a different one. Since I did not witness the situation I take CBB to his AP, but the AP doesn't want to handle it since DCK has a different AP. So CBB and I check in with the nurse, then go to the other AP. That AP sends CBB back to the other AP, because IB is one of the first AP's kids. ARGH!!!!!! It was after this that I had the problem with Wannabe Super Star.

I'm exhausted just writing this. I fully expect that I will be called on the carpet for not letting WSS have unlimited potty time. I feel as if I am in a no-win situation. Oh yeah, grades are due on Monday, Tuesday is State Test Teacher Training Day, after school, of course, and this weekend is flying by.

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